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5 Secrets to Get Rid of Low Back Pain

5 Secrets to Get Rid of Low Back Pain


These are the secrets patients have paid thousands of dollars in our office to know about back pain and it’s all yours at no cost. My Advice is to sit down and take your time going over the following report and the links and tips that will be a game changer for you.


Secret #1:  Therapy is a 50/50 relationship when you visit a physical therapy office or a doctors office more than 50% of the results you get are by following a care plan at home prescribed by your physician or therapist.

Here is the link to the stretching routine we give to our patients from the web.

 Click on the red link that says stretches. It is in PDF format.

-The first stretch you do standing not on your knees. (unless you easily fall down, if so can be done lying on your side or as shown)
-The last 2 stretches are for your calves that can be tight but not have much effect on the low back. So, focus your attention to the first 4.
-Make sure to hold these stretches for 10 seconds (count it out loud if needed)


Secret #2: Sitting is you enemy. The natural position of the low back is to be upright (it is what separates us from all our for legged friends). I gave these tips to companies that paid me thousands of dollars to keep their employees productive and reduce stress and back pain. 

Get up and move every 30 minutes (they have wrist bands that will vibrate) Jawbone or Fitbit, and even apps on your smartphone that can be a reminder)
Use one of the stretches form the handout we gave you the leg to chest is the best! 

Some companies are adding stand up work stations and encouraging movement because they know the body needs to move in order to fight stiffness, which leads to loss of water in the discs of the backbone.


Secret #3 Don’t let medication be your solution. If you think the answer to your disc herniation, sciatica or low back pain comes in the form of a pill or injection you are MISTAKEN.

Studies have shown that you are better off doing self treatment or some form of therapy (like the first two I have already given you) and have a 30% better response than with medications.

YOU must find out WHY you have pain. Make sure your doctor finds the cause of the problem and doesn’t just cover up the symptoms until it gets so bad your sent off to the surgeon with no other alternative. If this means finding a specialist or doing some testing to diagnose your problem DO IT.

The #1 reason people suffer their entire lives with symptoms is because they do not know where it comes from. Get educated on the causes of low back pain so you can know how to get rid of it. Here are two webpages on my site for more information:


Secret #4: Insurance companies do not want to pay for what THEY THINK is necessary (who are they to tell doctors what you need and cut your benefits?).

There is something called a (Medical Necessity Review) that insurance carriers are now implementing to your treatment options.These are the people who deny MRI’s and cut your treatment short and not let you get back to 100%. That’s why YOU have to be in charge of your health, and not let some third party payor be the one pulling the strings.


Secret #5: Exercise is the Best way to Prevent your Back Pain.

Here is a website I use everyday in my office:

If your scroll down to the section on low back exercises and core exercises (Abs) you are going to see PDF handouts.

Start with these low back exercises:
Wall sits
Chair squats
Dirty dogs and Donkey Kicks

And these Core muscle exercises:
Plank and Side plank
Cat Camel and Bird Dog

Wow……. that was a lot of information! 5 Secrets to eliminate low back Pain, Disc herniation Pain and even Sciatica.


Committed to keeping you Pain Free,


Kendall Chiropractor


Dr. Alvarez

PS. If you have any questions you can email me at info@chiropractorsinkendall.com 

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