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Car Accident Miami | Accident Clinic | Clinica de Accidente

Car Accident Clinic Miami

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Over the years in practice many of our patients have searched “Car Accident Miami”,  “Miami Accident Clinic” or “Clinica de Accidente” before coming to our office. This post is going to explain the difference between one of these “clinics” and our Chiropractic Office.

Last month we had a patient who was involved in a car accident during treatment for neck pain that she was experiencing. Immediately, she had a huge difference in symptoms and felt so much worse. We sent her for a series of MRI’s to her lower back and neck which revealed permanent damage that is irreversible.

Do you think if she had gone to a “Clinica de Accdente” they would have done these tests and identified the damage in her spine? Would their have the interest of the patient first before running their “business”?

If you ever have the misfortune of being involved in a car accident in Miami ask yourself this question. Would I send my family to a “Clinica de Accidente”?

If your researching the right place to get treatment for damage from a car accident I hope this post helps to give you some straight forward and professional advise.

-Dr. Alvarez

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