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Our Chiropractic Center offers Natural Methods of Helping You!    


Kendall chiropractor - adjustment - Miami        Our services include:

  • Chiropractic attention, Includes consultation and treatment, chiropractic treatment is based on the practice that the body can heal itself when the skeletal system is correctly aligned and the nervous system is functioning properly, with that in mind chiropractors work to keep the body in a healthy state without filling your body with pain medication.


Kendall chiropractor - spinal decompression - Miami

  • Spinal Decompression, which is  the relief of pressure from pinched nerves in the spinal column, spinal decompression can be achieved surgically and non-surgically to relieve chronic back pain cause by disk herniation, sciatica, and spinal stenosis.



Kendall chiropractor - physical therapy - Miami

  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, or physical therapy is used for many proposes such as aiding with impairments and disabilities, to promote mobility and functionality of the body, and increase one’s quality of life



Kendall chiropractor - massage therapy - Miami

  • Massage Therapy, used to relieve stress on muscles and connective tissue using various techniques in order to aid in the healing process after an injury, decrease muscle reflex activity, and promote relaxation.




Medication isn’t always the answer, over the counter pain medication can help with the pain in the moment but it will not solve the underlining cause for the pain, patients seek help from Dr. Alvarez for many different reasons such as pains and discomforts. The services listed above are way of healing the body in a natural way by properly aligning the skeletal and nervous system.

Proper alignment is the key to health



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