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Chiropractor Kendall – Tips on how to find a Chiropractor

Tips on How to Find the right Chiropractor – Kendall

Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself when you are searching for a chiropractor from Chiropractor Kendall – Dr. Alvarez

1.Does the Doctor treat the condition you Have?
If you’re going for neck or back pain make sure the doctor treats those two areas. Some doctors will only work the upper neck and if your ankle is in need of an adjustment and therapy, probably not the right Chiropractor for you. If the pain you have is from a car accident in you want to make certain that the doctor has dealt with traumatic injuries and has experience with whiplash and sprains.
2. Is the Doctor is Subluxation based?
Basically this means that the doctor looks for a bone that is putting pressure on a nerve and corrects that issue. If you going to a doctor who Subluxation based what he will be doing his (or her) analysis by looking for the specific vertebrae (the backbone that is exactly where the problem comes from) that has been rotated putting pressure on the nerve. Typically what you will find are these type of doctors but some only do soft tissue injury.
3. What type of adjustment technique does the doctor use?Arthrostim
There are multiple techniques that can be used when you are under chiropractic care. Some light adjustment techniques, using instruments that apply force to a backbone and relieve pressure, known as an Activator method or Arthrostim. More commonly used are aggressive techniques that can cause a cracking or popping noise on the backbone that is being aligned. Not saying that one is better tan the other just remember the most important part is that you make sure that you are comfortable with the type of technique that your doctor uses.
I hope these tips help! If you have any questions you can contact us at Chiropractor Kendall www.chiropractorsinkendall.com/contact/

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