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Kendall Chiropractor Dr. Alvarez has been helping patients for over 7 years using safe, effective, and natural chiropractic care. Using a number of different techniques based off of palmer package he has been able to help thousands of patients in our community.He grew up in Kendall working with some of the best chiropractors mentoring him throughout the years he was studying. Attending southwest high school and continuing his education at Florida International University, and Florida State University.

Since childhood Dr. Alvarez wanted to become a Chiropractor, and did so by Graduating with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2007. 

Chiropractic had a major effect on his life when a chiropractor aided his mother to health after a terrible car accident. She was almost killed in a head on collision that would forever have an impact on the life of her son.

This experience changed his way of looking at healthcare when he was a child, he found the benefits of natural healthcare. He loves to share his story in his office and at workshops provided throughout Miami. As a Chiropractor in Kendall his goal is to share the message of natural healthcare with the wonderful community he grew up in.

Kendall ChiropractorChiropractor in Kendall

Dr. Alvarez provides lectures for offices and groups on stress on the body and how to avoid it’s damaging effects. To have him at your office of group meeting contact our office by email or phone and mention your interest in our community outreach program. We have provided our series to local companies, banks, and schools to reach out and teach a better way to deal with stress. 

For more info contact our office at (305) 505-3449

Mission Statement

” Our mission in life is to be a great healer, to improve the life of people with effective and natural chiropractic care. The more patients we help the stronger our commitment and passion has grown. Anyone who comes to our office can expect the best healthcare without exception.” Dr. Alvarez and staff.