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Disc herniation treatment with spinal decompressionHerniated Disc

Our office offers the latest technology in herniated disc treatment with no need for surgery or injections. Non-surgical spinal decompression will improve disc herniation symptoms whether they are coming from the neck or the lower back. Pain relief for a degenerative disc disease should not be taken lightly and treated as soon as possible in order to avoid long term problems.

Herniated Disc Treatment

There is always some follow up to disc herniation treatment required to keep a herniated disc symptom free. At our office when we begin a plan of spinal decompression therapy we analyze your MRI and X-rays to make certain we improve the problem with the Cervical or Lumbar spine on a long term basis. What is the point of getting treatment for a herniated disc for your symptoms to come right back? Once you have gone for treatment of your disc problem we will manage your condition and stabilize degenerative disc disease. 

Disc herniation pain Slipped Disc

Lumbar and Cervical discs can be injured in two different ways one not necessarily being worse then the other. A disc herniation may seem more severe then a bulge or slipped disc but can cause the same symptoms. Pain is subjective and one mans disc bulge may be another mans multiple herniated discs. Most of the time there is no further treatment recommended when you have a slipped and are told to wait for treatment until there is a herniation. Non-surgical disc herniation is a natural and effective way to improve your symptoms and get you pain free.

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