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Changes for drivers in a car accident

Worried about what to do after car accident?

Before this year why would you be, but the changes are permanent now and hopefully will not get any worse. Recently there have been changes to the laws involving the benefits and right of car accident victims. So we found it necessary to write this blog about the one major change that can effect you. You now have 14 days to submit a claim for medical expenses after a car accident. That’s right two weeks or no benefits, zilch, zero, nada.  This is why we stress to our patients the importance of getting checked after a car accident. The scariest patient is the one who tells me that he has a little pain but thinks it will go away on it’s own. Let me tell you why.

The most common injury we see is a disc herniation or protrusion (Give it a google it’s worth it or check out Disk herniation). Sometimes this is underneath the surface and symptoms can show up not only a few weeks later but it can show up after months, then who is going to cover all the treatment needed to take care of that pain?

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