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Lower Back Pain

Kendall Chiropractor can help with Lower Back Pain caused by nerve pressure.Relief of lower back pain is the most common reason patients seek care from Kendall Chiropractor. Chiropractic is the most effective way to improve lower back pain. Not to mention that it is ALL NATURAL with No Medications.

The nerves of back can be pinched causing irritation this is why having back pains can become a serious health concern with the most common complaint being lower back pain. The bones of the back can move and put pressure on nerves as illustrated here. Most commonly from movement and stress that we put on our body. 

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Low back stretches Handout for patients pdf.

Chiropractic care can relieves pressure on the nerve by moving the bone that is causing the irritation. In our office we use light force methods of adjusting the spine know as Palmer package taught at the founding chiropractic school of Chiropractic. These age old methods can alleviate all forms of pain and nerve interference. Since there are patients with severe lower back pain we also have introduced methods of healing disc herniation pain including spinal decompression. For more information on Severe Lower back pain treatment click here.


Herniated Disc PainSymptoms of Sciatica are muscle aches or weakness, shooting or stabbing pains, numbness and tingling in legs and feet, inability to stand strait, and radiating pains through other parts of the body.  Typically this will be cased by a disc herniation.

Pain can travel from the lower back into the foot and big toe or can just be felt down the leg and not in the back at all. This makes the problem sometime hard to diagnose.

Sciatic nerve causing lower back pain?

The sciatic nerve is the thickest nerve in the body and the most easily pinched. Commonly this can occur when lifting improperly or from siting without proper support on the lower back. This can be from the muscles in the lower back so we typically have patients perform stretches and exercises as part of our rehabilitation program for lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain relief.

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