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Unlicensed Miami Therapy Center Crack Down

Miami Chiropractor Dr. Alvarez was asked earlier this year to be interviewed on Univision for the risks of working with an unlicensed Miami Therapy center. Therapy is a hands on technique typically and the thought of being worked on by someone without the proper training scares us. Imagine going to a barber with no license or a restaurant without the proper license, never the less a healthcare psuedo-professional.

Miami is cracking down on therapy centers that are working without a license and are hurting people in our neighborhoods instead of giving them the relief they need. If you or someone you know has been to a center that has hurt them or an unlicensed therapy center in Miami and received bad advice and treatment we can help them.

Working with a professional you should have a thorough evaluation and be tested prior to any recommendation or treatment. At Kendall Chiropractor we do just that and make sure to give you the proper plan to fix your problem and get you better. Lets take back our community and continue to crack down on these places are not thinking of your best interest.

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