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Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment in kendallChiropractic care can help to restore the neck to a normal position and help neck pain by moving the bone off the nerve. There are many ways to dot his and that is where the art of the adjustment takes over. In our office we utilize multiple techniques for the convenience of our patients. Light adjustments using tools and manual adjustments that are done to the level of comfort of the patient.

Get neck pain relief.

Pressure on the nerves of the Neck can lead to other complications such as Headaches and migraines, numbness and tingling in the hands and arms, and or shooting pains down the arms and back. 

Your neck (cervical spine) is vulnerable to injury because it supports the weight of your head which averages around 12 pounds and can move in every direction. One of the most common forms of neck pain is whiplash from a car accident. Not solving the cause of the pain may cause more damage to the neck. Neck pain can indicate many problems such as poor posture, injury, complications of the bones and joints in the neck.


Kendall Chiropractor can help with Headaches and Migraines

Headaches related to the neck are called Cervicogenic headaches; they can occur after an injury or when stress is placed on the neck, shoulders or back. Something like lifting an object improperly can lead to a debilitating headache. Pain may get worse and your tolerance to pain will also diminish, medication will not treat a Cervicogenic headache.

Neck pain can cause migraines and headaches

There are two different types of problems that we look for in patients with this problem.

  1. Loss of the curve in the neck
  2. Rotation of the first two bones of the spine

If during the evaluation of cervical x-rays we find either of the two above problems you are candidate for headache relief with chiropractic adjustments. This is commonly overlooked by most physicians and can have a major impact if the life of someone who suffers with headaches or migraines.

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Try these neck exercises for neck pain relief