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Chiropractor Kendall – Tips on how to find a Chiropractor

Tips on How to Find the right Chiropractor – Kendall Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself when you are searching for a chiropractor from Chiropractor Kendall – Dr. Alvarez 1.Does the Doctor treat the condition you Have? If you’re going for neck or back pain make sure the doctor treats those […]

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Chiropractor in Kendall

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Chiropractor in Kendall Finding a chiropractor in kendall can be a difficult task especially for those of you  who have never been to a chiropractor in the past. In this video we cover the top 3 factors that you should know on choosing the right Chiropractor for you and […]

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Changes for drivers in a car accident

Worried about what to do after car accident? Before this year why would you be, but the changes are permanent now and hopefully will not get any worse. Recently there have been changes to the laws involving the benefits and right of car accident victims. So we found it necessary to write this blog about […]

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Car accident in Kendall

Don’t let this happen to you! About a 2 months ago we had a patient walk through the door and lets allow her to remain nameless, who had been involved in a car accident in Kendall the end of the month and, as we all should, she notified her insurance company. She spoke to a very […]

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